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Application Features

Alert Management

A utility purposed to broadcast information, managing event based and job based alerts and governing the pending tasks as soon as user login into system.

Digital Signature

Eliminating the possibility of human error, assuring security and improving the legal weight by signing documents digitally.

Data Analysis

Tracking the present actions or going on; rather rational analysis of past and present data to approach a better future predictions.

Dynamic Reports

Dynamic reports with its irresolute formats proved to be beneficial handling dynamic data.

About Us


National Tuberculosis Elimination Program(NTEP) aims for achieving universal access to TB diagnosis and treatment. Over the years, the programme has expended its service of TB and drug resistant TB across the country with access to free diagnosis and anti-TB drugs. The programme is now striving to achieve standards for Tb care in India across all sectors of health care providers.

The National Strategic Plan (NSP) sets out the strategic direction and key initiatives that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will undertake from 2017 to 2025 for working towards achieving the goals of eliminating TB by 2025. We have seen excellent commitment and the progress achieved through the previous NSP period, yet much more is required to be done to accelerate the march towards a TB free India.

Continuous and smooth supply of good quality assured Anti TB Drugs and all related commodities is an essential activity under NTEP. The procurement of Anti TB drugs, equipment and diagnostics is planned, coordinated and done centrally on an annual basis through a well-defined procurement mechanism.

Our Services

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

It is a Centralised Activity being undertaken by PSM Unit through Procurement Agency selected by MoHFW at Central TB Division. Programme also undertakes direct Procurements particularly of Services and sometime of goods.

Quantification and Forecasting Click for more details

Programme at Central Level forecast the requirement of Anti TB Drugs and other required commodities on an annual basis, considering the technical aspect, all permutations and combinations and assumptions.

Monitoring and Distribution

Drugs are procured by Central TB Division and supplied to Government Medical Store Depots (GMSDs) directly by supplier. Programme further distribute these drugs to States based on their stock availability and requirement following buffer policy on quarter basis.

Recording and Reporting

One of the critical aspect of the supply chain management is Data Recording and Reporting. So far, Programme is using manual systems for capturing data through the system of Monthly and Quarterly reporting. Online software ‘Ni-KshayAushadhi’ have been developed with the support of C-DAC for the management of Anti TB Drugs and Commodities under NTEP.

Data Management and Analysis

Process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering National wise stock availability and its consumption; suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making.

Training and Capacity Building

National level training and Capacity Building workshops being conducted each year with the guidance of PSM Unit at Central TB Division. New techniques and advanced methods are adopted to deliver impart knowledge and best practices.

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Central Tuberculosis Division, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, Jeevan Vihar Building, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110001