National Tuberculosis Elimination Program(NTEP) aims for achieving universal access to TB diagnosis and treatment. Over the years, the programme has expended its service of TB and drug resistant TB across the country with access to free diagnosis and anti-TB drugs. The programme is now striving to achieve standards for Tb care in India across all sectors of health care providers.

5 Steps Process Annual demand

Step 1 of 5: Purchase Request Generation

This process is designed to generate a Purchase Request Generation for the supplier by CTD for any drug

  1. Select the Demand Period and Purchase Agency.
  2. Click on “GO” button to create the Purchase Request Generation.
  3. Select TB Category. Generally the TB Category is: First Line Drug and Second Line Drug.
  4. Select Drug Name: According to TB category.
  5. Enter the PO number.
  6. Enter the schedule days,
  7. For further modification, firstly click on Draft Save and after modification click on Final Save

Step 2 of 5: Purchase Notification / Order

After Purchase Generation we notify the Supplier by the scheduling of PO

    This process is designed to generate a Purchase Order for the supplier.
  1. Click on Generate button.
  2. Select some criteria like Purchase Agency, Request NO., Drug Name, Funding Source, Supplier
  3. Then Click On "GO" Button.
  4. Enter Rate/Unit and Select Rate Type.
  5. Here we will give the delivery schedule order of the requested quantities for which purchase order has been generated. for ex if we give the requested quantities to sds agra then.
  6. Choose Signed PO Document.
  7. Enter Document Name.
  8. 4 schedules in order to get them delivered.
  9. Click on save Button.

Step 3 of 5: Advance Shipment Detail

In this process, supplier provide the pre-details of the shipment like batch number transporter name, lorry number and expiry of drugs.

  1. Click on Batch Details
  2. select item name and add new Batch no. and
  3. click on "Save" Button.

Step 4 of 5: Supplier Delivery Details

In this module warehouse check the details and receive the drugs. Supplier for ex-sds agra

  1. Click on Batch Details Button
  2. Enter Batch No., mfg Date and Expiry Date

Step 5 of 5: Drug Request Management

It is used to generate Drug Request (Quarterly / ADR). The purpose of this process is to create/generate an Indent

  1. Select Store Name
  2. According to the Status: All, Approval In process, Issue In Process, Acknowledge in Process, Completed, Cancelled and Rejected the filter can be applied
  3. Click On Generate Button
  4. Select Drug request Type i.e. Quarterly/Monthly Request or ADR
  5. In Issuing store, by default Issuing store name.
  6. Click on Go Button.
  7. Fill the “Requested quantity” for the item to be requested.
  8. Click on “Save” button.
2 Steps Process Issue Dispatch

Step 1 of 2: Dispatch on Drug Request

This process is used to issue drugs to sub-store issue

  1. Select Store Name , Status, Store Type and Raising Store and then
  2. Select Request No. and click on Issue Button.

Step 2 of 2: Dispatch on without Drug Request

This process is used to record drugs issued or dispatched to district drug store without any request received from sub stores.

  1. Select all Details as per needed, The requisite information to be filled and click on 'SAVE' button to generate the issue voucher
4 Steps Process Receive

Step 1 of 4: Acknowledge

To receive the drugs online, user is required to acknowledge the request through acknowledge desk.

  1. Go to receive option and open Acknowledge desk.
  2. Select the record and click on ‘Acknowledge’ button.
  3. Enter the Received quantity of drugs in ‘Receive Quantity’ column.
  4. Enter the ‘Remarks’ and click on ‘Save’ button.


Transfer of Drugs from one store to another at the same level such as SDS to SDS, DDS to DDS or TU to TU level.

  1. Select the store name.
  2. Click on Add Advice button.
  3. Select TB Category as First line or Second Line.
  4. Select Drug name to be transferred.
  5. Select the transferring store name, which will transfer the drug
    Two types of stock shown in table:
    a) Available Stock at the store, (Column A)
    b) Stock to be expired within 3 to 9 months.(Column B)
  6. To transfer near expiry stock, enter the transfer quantity into ‘Near to Expiry’ column.
  7. To transfer normal/excess stock, enter the transfer quantity into ‘Normal’ column.
  8. In Receiving store table, enter the receiving quantity in front of the Receiving store name.
  9. Click on Draft Save.
  10. Users can also Modify (M), View (V) or Delete (D) this request.
  11. To add advice for other drugs, click on Add Advice and repeat the process. Click on the “Final Save” button to generate the advice. Once final saved the advice cannot be modified.

Step 3 of 4: Voucher DTA

Issuing store will issue the drugs against the advice through Issue Voucher process.

  1. Login with Issuing Store Id.
  2. Go to Issue Voucher DTA.
  3. Select the store name.
  4. Select the Transfer Request Number. (Shown with Receiving Store Name).
  5. Click on ‘GO’ .
  6. Click the Check-Box button then enter the transfer quantity.
  7. Select Expected Delivery Date , Enter Remarks
  8. Click on “ SAVE” Button .

Step 4 of 4: DTA Receipt

Receiving Store can acknowledge the drugs through DTA receipt process.

  1. Login with Receiving Store Id.
  2. Go to DTA Receipt.
  3. Select the record and click on Acknowledge
  4. Enter the Received quantity.
  5. If the received quantity is less than the issued quantity, the difference can be entered in Shortage Quantity.
  6. Damage Quantity column.
  7. Click on ‘Save’ button.
  8. The system will generate the voucher. The drugs are now received and have been entered into inventory successfully.
3 Steps Process Packaging / Repackaging

Step 1 of 3: Box Preparation

In this module, SDSand DDS prepare the boxes according to the TB guidline given by the government/CTD.

  1. In this module, user create number of boxes according to the requirement.
  2. User choose the regimen name then the drugs consider to this regimen auto populated here with requirement
  3. User fill the requirements of the drugs on the availbility of the drugs.
  4. Box Completion - In this module, if any drug left or shortage of any drug can fulfill in this module.

Step 2 of 3: Box Modification

In this module, SDS/DDS modify the created box and unpack the box.

  1. If user wants to change any drug, or any drug quantity, they can modified it by here

Step 3 of 3: Box Unpacking

In this module, user unpack the box which is in complete

1 Step Process Miscellaneous

Step 1 of 1: Help Desk

Service provided by the Ni-Kshay Aushadhi, where user can raise their issue to the Ni-Kshay Aushadhi IT Cell team by the help of selecting their issues on any module.

  1. User firstly select he module and then write their issue and click on save.
  2. IT cell team check the User issue by the dashboard and solve it.